Tutor’s Foreword

Dear students,

Welcome to my website.

My passion for economics has led to the founding of JC Economics Tuition Centre. It heartens me to see students sharing the same passion as me under my guidance in learning economics. Economics is a relatable subject that will continue to remain useful in understanding global economic issues even after you graduate.

Many students find difficulty in scoring well for the economics examinations. The A-Level Economics syllabus focuses on equipping with students the skills to apply economic concepts into real-world situations and to possess critical thinking skills to make logical economic judgements. Memorising concepts is just not enough to meet examination requirements. Students need to apply concepts into their answers with clarity to evaluate economic decisions. Arguments supported with examples should also make economic sense and show maturity in reasoning. These are essential in presenting to examiners your understanding and knowledge in economics.

I teach all JC Economics lessons personally at the H1 and H2 Economics level. Every lesson is carefully designed and planned with lesson objectives. This is so to ensure that the quality of my lessons is up to the best standards. I always draw links between economic concepts to my sharing of personal experiences as it not only makes economics relevant and complex principles easy to understand, but also makes lessons interesting and engaging. I am confident that students under my guidance will be able to be equipped with answering skills and strategies to score well for their A-Level Economics examinations.

I look forward to seeing you in class.


Anthony Fok

B. Acc (Hons), B. Economics, PGDE (NIE), M.Ed. (Monash), FCollT (London)